Austin's Muslim community and its supporters came together on Friday to show solidarity in the face of uncertainty. Their fear is that a Trump administration will infringe on their freedom.

The newly-formed group ‘Muslim Solidarity ATX’ wore green, held signs and stood in solidarity.

‘I love my Muslim friends and family,’ read one of the signs.

The demonstrators told KVUE News that they did not want to hold a loud protest with chants or any forms of violence. Instead, they wanted to show solidarity and peace. They talked about how shocked they were with the turnout of the presidential election.

“Disappointment, disgust, but mind boggling, how things transpired, how the President-elect got away with so many things,” said Sheikh Umer, the Imam of the Nueces Mosque.

While the demonstration was going on outside, the Nueces Mosque was holding a prayer service inside.

During the campaign, President-elect Trump spoke about banning all Muslims from traveling into the U.S. to prevent international terror attacks. He backed off recently, talking only of issuing bans on people in territories with a history of terror, calling it, “extreme vetting.” However, local Muslims said they do not feel reassured.

“Any kind of ban like that is not an improvement, it's not going to make us any safer from terrorism. It's also just a wedge by way to say this one group of Muslims is bad,” said Matt Korn, Muslim Solidarity ATX.

KVUE News reached out to some local conservative leaders for their response to Friday’s demonstration.

Austin City Councilmember Don Zimmerman said he supports the group's right to demonstrate, but at the same time, opposes their efforts to curtail the right to free speech of Donald Trump and the millions who voted for him.