We've all heard it while Christmas shopping. For more than 100 years volunteers have been ringing their bells, encouraging shoppers to drop donations into the Salvation Army's Red Kettle.

This year, if you're out at the Domain, you'll hear something different. More than 30 Austin artists are volunteering their time to play some live music at the Red Kettle.

"We got hip to this from our friend and song writer Cory Morrow," said Walt Wilkins.

Singer songwriters Walt and Tina Wilkins played their Christmas tunes outside the Domain Monday morning.

"Cory Morrow had this vision of inviting musicians to come and play at a Red Kettle because it's the live music capital of the world," said the Salvation Army Austin's Jan Gunter.

For the last four years, Salvation Army Austin has been doing just that -- musicians putting a modern twist on a long time tradition.

"It gives us a chance to give back," Tina said.

Locally, tens of thousands of people are assisted through the Red Kettle and other donations every year. They're put toward making Christmas possible for the less fortunate -- feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless.

"These donations stay right here in the community," Gunter said.

Last year, Central Texans donated more than $332,000 to the Red Kettle campaign. This year, volunteers are hoping to receive more than $350,000.

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