Poetry can be described by its beauty and grace.

For Austin traffic, that's certainly not the case.

But there is one teacher -- a pro at rhythm and verse,

To keep you calm when congestion can't get any worse.

So next time Austin traffic has you fuming and frowning,

Remember this story from KVUE's Amber Downing:

It began as many angry things do. An Austin man would write poems -- some a bit trite -- about cars or horsepower, perhaps.

He has now filled a book and created a personality. He calls himself "Tex MoPac" and his book, "Traffickwocky: Austin Traffic Poetry & Whatnot."

"I think poets generally love solitude," he said. "They love journeys."

He would write about car jockeys and all of their moods.

"Grackle stuck in traffic after a tough day at Whole Foods," he read from his book.

Suggesting car names causing crosstalk.

"The Subaru stress," he read. "The Chevy gridlock."

And warn of the road's folly.

"Jollyville Road ain't jolly," he read.

But then it went too far -- his dreams got graphic.

"Strangely, I would wake up thinking about traffic," he said.

"Tex MoPac"'s message got darker than midnight on Steck Avenue.     

"Beware the MoPac, my son, the bottles that neck," he read.

We won't spoil it for you, but it does end with a nostalgic ode.

"I knew you when we were just two cars hurtling along Spicewood Springs Road," he read.

Bumper to bumper, "Tex MoPac" still sits. You'll find him there nightly.

"It's actually on a strange level kind of made me look forward to traffic.

"Just slightly, just slightly," he quickly added.

You can find "Trafficwocky" at Book People. And you can follow "Tex Mopac" on Twitter for more poetry about Austin's gridlock.