Voters on Tuesday passed Austin ISD's $1 billion bond -- the largest bond package to pass in Central Texas' history.

The majority of the money will go toward either renovating or building new campuses, but another big thing this bond will fund is about $50 million in technology upgrades.These upgrades will include giving every student their own laptop.

Last school year, AISD launched a pilot program at one school called "Everyone to One." Students at the school were given a laptop, which had learning materials, assignments and quizzes on it.

"For kids, this is the way we bridge the digital divide for them," AISD Technology Officer Kevin Schwartz said. "It's amazing. I mean, kids come to school and they leave with a laptop and realize, 'Wow, a door has been kicked open.'"

"For English, they give us essays to do so it's easier to do it online," senior Aislinn Anselmo said.

"They're learning how to take notes," English teacher Aleisha Forde said. "They're learning how to upload documents. They're also learning how to create their own documents"

District officials say in today's times, students need to prepare for the future by learning how to use current technology. Each laptop costs about $300 and the e-textbooks on them can cost about 60 percent less than a traditional textbook.