Many people celebrated Veterans Day this weekend to honor those who have served our country, but some of the real issues veterans face every day are obstacles that require help from others.

Four different bands took the stage at the House Our Heroes Festival to raise awareness and money for homeless veterans.

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"There are some people out there that, again, serve their country and they're living under a bridge and not getting care that they need," said Carter Hutson, who came to the festival to see his daughter, Cari, perform.

Carter said coming back from service can create demons that are difficult to fight.

"It's kind of like ghosts chasing them around. It causes them to sometimes react in a way that hurts them in society," he explained.

So Red, White and Blues 512 put together this festival where all proceeds don't just go toward only one specific non-profit but five, all of which work to fight homelessness for veterans. This is tied to Mayor Steve Adler's OneKeyATX initiative, which works to house all veterans who need the help.

"They stepped up in line, put their hand up and swore to defend you and others, and so they definitely need our help," Carter said. "They deserve out help."

The money raised goes directly to Caritas, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO), Front Steps, The Samaritan Center and Housing Heroes Fund. Karen Ingram is one of the founders of Red, White and Blues 512 and said this festival strives to diversify what it puts back into the community.

"Often non-profits compete for the same dollar as opposed to working together," Ingram said. "That's what excites us about what's happening here. We are working to create a structure to provide housing for our homeless veterans and then provide all the other services to keep homelessness brief and nonrecurrent."