Daniel Winkler didn't even flinch as the We Are Blood nurse stuck him with a needle and started drawing blood.

"I think this will be my fourth or fifth time giving blood," he calmly told KVUE Reporter Jason Puckett.

Daniel was just one of the Winklers giving blood. He was joined by his sister Hannah, mother Mimi and father Chris.

"When my kids became old enough to donate," Chris said, "I encouraged them to become donors as well, and my wife started donating and it just kind of became a family affair."

That's right, while most were out shopping and deal hunting, the Winklers spent their Black Friday giving back.

"Thanksgiving is a holiday about being thankful for what you have," Daniel said. "For those who don't have, you can give for them."

Chris echoed that idea and said he hopes his children will keep the tradition going for a long time.

"That's really kind of an easy decision for us, the idea of giving back to others," he said. "If you can give something to someone who doesn't have those things, you should do that."