Austin Energy is warning its customers of door-to-door and phone sales representatives who are claiming to be utility employees selling solar installations.

The city said Tuesday that it has issued a cease and desist letter to an out-of-state company for making fraudulent and misleading statements to Austin Energy customers. The city also said it is planning to notify the Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division regarding the company’s deceptive trade practices.

Austin Energy does have solar incentive program that gives rebates to customers who add solar panels at their home or business, but the city-owned utility said their employees do not go door-to-door or make unsolicited phone calls.

Customers who are considering a solar installation are recommended to get at least three bids from companies participating in Austin Energy’s incentive program to ensure they’re receiving competitive prices and so that the work, rebates and inspections are approved by the utility. People can also call Austin Energy at 512-482-5346 to inquire about participating companies and rebates.

Austin Energy also recommends customers always ask to see the identification badge of anyone representing themselves as an Austin Energy or City of Austin employee.