CULTUREMAP - Austin is no stranger to best-of lists, and two new accolades have just rolled in from national authorities on health and wellness. According to Men's Health and Women's Health magazines, the Capital City is one of the most adventurous — and "wellthiest" — cities around.

Austin lands at the top of Men's Health's list of the Most Adventurous Cities in America, which was determined by a variety of factors, including participation in sports, exercise habits, and the amount of parkland and recreational businesses in each metro.

Thanks to "227 miles of trails and 20,714 acres of green space," the Capital City takes the second spot — surpassed only by Anchorage, Alaska.

"It's not all music festivals and craft breweries," the magazine says of our fair city, "Austin scored very high in outdoor activity participation and overall activity level." Credit goes to our tendency to "aqua-socialize," which the magazine defines as a proclivity to work out (or just hang out) on the water.

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