Houston businesses are starting to rebuild.

The city has one of the largest populations of entrepreneurs, many of whom are now struggling to operate. An Austin company is hoping to fix that by opening up free work spaces.

Orange Coworking is a membership-based workspace created for freelancers, small businesses and anyone else who can choose where they work.

“Most freelancers and entrepreneurs don't have a huge safety net or a cushion. They need to be working and they need to know that they're supported and they've got a calm place that they can be that is not in a chaotic environment. We're here,” Shelley Delayne said.

The idea is to offer a safe place for entrepreneurs to network and increase productivity.

The founder says those impacted by Hurricane Harvey can be part of the community, free of charge, hoping to give flood victims a place of their own.

Those who are unable to utilize Orange due to distance can go here to find a coworking space near them.

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