AUSTIN -- X Games Austin will be the 8th X Games competition for Austin native Chase Hawk.

The BMX enthusiast wants current and future extreme sports athletes to know that while injury is virtually unavoidable, short changing your recovery time doesn't have to be.


Bicycle Motocross, or BMX, competitor Chase Hawk is 27-years-old. Hawk's best finish in the previous X Games competition was fourth place, just a couple of years ago.

"I was right there from being on the podium," said Hawk.

Shortly after his fourth place finish, Hawk broke the fibula in his right leg competing. Before he could ride again, Hawk had to first relearn how to walk.

"There would be points in the healing process where you would be four months in and you'd still be limping," said Hawk. "You could barely walk."

Hawk wasn't just fighting to get back on the bike.[ID=9930797]

"It was fighting just to get back to doing normal daily stuff," he said.

Hawk says sometime the fight to do what's right loses out to the competitive spirit.

"I've gone the route of cutting the cast off and riding too early," said Hawk. "That's definitely not what you're supposed to do."

Doctor Peter Garcia is an orthopedic surgeon. He and other physicians at Texas Orthopedics have treated Hawk for various injuries since he was 11-years-old.

"There's an orthopedic surgeon out there somewhere who invented the X Games," said Garcia. "That's my theory, to keep us in business."

Hawk says all his injuries during his nearly 20 years of competitive racing have taught him not to cheat his recovery time because it will ultimately cost him during competition, not only physically but mentally.

"Definitely those first few times can feel really timid," said Hawk. "It can be a real head game to get your confidence back up to 100 percent."

Hawk has qualified for Sunday's BMX Park event, and he's the first alternate in Saturday's BMX Dirt event.

Go here to visit the Texas Orthopedics' website.