An Austin man is asking if anyone has seen his $10,000 pair of glasses. They allowed Nick Flores, deemed legally blind, to see clearly for the first time in his life

"I can only see out of my right eye," Flores said. "It's called optic nerve atrophy. When I'm looking at someone I have to look at them to my right or my left."

That all changed last month when Flores, an Austin Community College student, got the pair of $10,000 electric glasses that gave him the ability to see things normally.

"It's called E-sight," Flores said.

The glasses look like a VR headset and have a high-definition camera that captures everything you look at and allows you to zoom in on whatever you want to see.

"This gave me such a better perspective on life," Flores said.

That perspective was short-lived. Last week, he left his glasses on a city bus.

"By the time I turned around, the bus was already gone," Flores said. "We spent four hours searching every single number five bus to get the glasses back"

For now, he fears the worst and believes that his glasses were stolen. He's pleading that whoever took them to please give them back.

"Those are the most important things to me," he said. "They're my whole life. I got to go flying and see what downtown looks like for the first time and for someone who is visually impaired and sees nothing but dots and blurs and you get to see downtown crystal clear it's pretty amazing"

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