Finding a parking spot for the Austin City Limits festival can be difficult but if you don't mind putting in the legwork, you could try Austin's bike sharing program B-Cycle.

There are about 400 of the bright red bikes scattered around the city, parked at 54 stations. Some of the stations are within a five-minute walking distance of ACL, meaning you can pick up a bike from a station farther away and drop it off just outside ACL with no responsibility for it after that.

Once you arrive, volunteers will ride your bike to one of the other stations so the ACL stations never fill up. You can pay with a credit card. The cost is $12 for a 24-hour access pass and $18 for a three-day access pass.

"People love how easy it is that they can come in and dock the bike and forget about it," Nick Olivier with B-Cycle said.

B-Cycle estimates about 500 people will be riding the bikes a day, but they want to get the word out that they have enough bikes to accommodate more people than that. You can learn more here.