Austin is always doing its part to keep itself weird.

This week, two tech companies in the Domain, HomeAway and WeWork, have been battling each other across the street with the help of little sheets of 3-inch-by-3-inch paper.

It all started when employees in HomeAway's office building started creating elaborate Post-It art in their windows. Their neighbors across the street at WeWork soon replied, and both buildings' windows were covered with Post-It superheroes, cartoon characters and more.

In the midst of the Post-It masterpieces, one WeWork employee spelled out "Hire Us" in a window, to which HomeAway replied with its own Post-It response, "WE ARE HIRING."

According to Christina Song from HomeAway, within the next two weeks HomeAway received over 4,000 job applications for its Austin-based roles. As a form of celebration, the company created a four-story Post-It art extravaganza in its office in the Domain. The masterpiece was said to have 9,500 Post-It notes that 20 employees installed over four days.