He's a bartender part time and an Astros super fan full time. Tim Womac is from the Houston area and said his love from the team started at a young age.

So what do you do when you admire a team like Womac does?

He collects all sorts of Astros memorabilia.

But what matters the most to Womac is an autographed baseball that was given to him in the third grade.

"My third-grade teacher was Ms. Clemons, who was Roger's [Clemons] sister-in law at the time, and her son took us too Malibu Go-Karts in the grade and Roger signed balls for us," Womac said.

Years later, he never thought memorabilia from the Astros would mean so much.

If you ask him, game seven was a no-brainer with the Astros winning. He said the team didn't show any nerves.

"I was like, at that moment, we're winning game seven because they already think they got it won," Womac said.

Now, all roads lead to Houston as the city celebrates the World Series champions.

Womac plans to be right there with them.

He's ready to add more stuff to his Astros collection, even if it means altering his appearance a little.

"My next memorabilia I need to get is one of those Paul Wall grills," Womac said. "Paul Wall, if you're listening, go ahead and send me one of those Paul Wall grills. I'll use it for my next interview."

Thousands are expected to attend a parade for the Houston Astros Friday afternoon in Houston.