Élan Southpark Meadows is rolling out the red carpet for their resident Reuel John Perdue Cron, who’s turning 100 on June 19.

The assisted living center is planning a big party for the centennial man, but they need your help in achieving a special surprise for him. Laurie Green, activity director at Élan, is asking all those who feel so inclined to send birthday cards to Cron himself.

If you’d like to wish him a happy birthday, please address your cards to:

Laurie Green/Reuel
9320 Alice Mae Lane
Austin, TX 78748

In addition to his birthday party at Élan, Green said local restaurant El Arroyo will also be hosting Reuel on June 21 for lunch. Known for its witty marquee sign banter, the restaurant plans on crafting a special message for him as well.

But the festivities don't stop there. Green said Reuel's family will also be coming to town to take him to Salt Lick BBQ. That's his choice.

"We have a lot planned for his birthday but we have been keeping it all a secret," said Green. "He can tell we are up to something so he jokingly tells us he's sorry he won't be able to attend it because he will be in Albuquerque that day!"

Green said bingo, exercise class and socials are Reuel's favorite activities at Élan, but he also enjoys Baylor and Texas A&M sports as two of his great-granddaughters attend school there. In his spare time he likes to tinker with and fix things, as well as write with his typewriter, which he said is the same model that Angela Lansbury used in "Murder She Wrote."

"He makes his bed daily, does his own laundry and even irons his clothes," Green said. "When we go on outings, he picks up and carries residents' heavy walkers onto the bus to help me. I guess you can tell how much we love Reuel!"

Reuel lived in Austin from 1965 to 1971, and again from 2001 to the present. Green said Reuel served in the Army as a master sergeant in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He also worked for the Jefferson Parish Water Board in New Orleans and later retired from the IRS.

The secret to his longevity?

"Education, observation and moderation," he said.

Happy 100th Mr. Cron!