Police have charged a 25-year-old woman for allegedly striking her friend with her vehicle following an argument at the Domain last Friday.

According to the affidavit for Carly Ward's arrest, she and her friends had a couple of drinks at Gloria's and Kung Fu Saloon before she decided she wanted to leave. Police said "an argument took place" when she went to her car. During the argument, police said Ward put her car in reverse and "started backing up fast with her driver's side door open."

As she reversed, the door struck two of her friends. One of those friends was not injured, but the other was knocked unconscious. Police arrived at around 10:19 p.m. and found the friend with a laceration on the back of her head and blood surrounding her. Before she was taken to the hospital to receive stitches, officers said she regained consciousness.

Ward told police she drank one beer over the course of the night.

Police charged Ward with intoxication assault.