In the same week an Austin man was killed during a road rage incident, another violent road rage incident was caught on camera.

This time, three men got into a fistfight after stopping at a red light at Highway183 and Loyola Lane in Northeast Austin.

A witness saw the moments leading up to the men getting out of the car.

“This black car gets really aggressive toward this SUV,” explained Hector Rodriguez. He says the passenger in the black car also appeared to be making gestures toward another driver.

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Then, they all stopped at the red light. “At first I was thinking they’re not going to fight or whatever and I see the guys jump out and I’m like holy smokes, is something really gonna happen?"

And it did happen in the blink of an eye.

Rodriguez quickly pulled out his phone as the fighting began. He was parked two cars back from the brawl.

“I’m thinking wow, this is getting out of hand, and both young black males jump out of the vehicle and start charging the guy," he said.

Two men in one car start fighting with the driver of the SUV. The fighting continues for about 40 seconds until they all get back into their cars before the light turned green.

Whether it's the traffic or construction setting off drivers, Austin police give this advice if you're ever caught in a road rage incident.

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First, says Sgt. David Daniels, get away from the other car.

Try to exit, change lanes or slow down to avoid escalating confrontation.

If you need to pull over, find a safe crowded place to stop like a police or fire station, grocery store or mall parking lot.

Secondly, you should call 911 if the driver continues to be aggressive.

“Give the operator a description of the vehicle, license plate of the vehicle. If possible, describe the driver,” said Daniels.

Even though photos have been used to catch aggressive drivers in other cases, Daniels says do not take your phone out to take a picture or video of the other driver because “sometimes that causes the situation to escalate.”

Lastly, Daniels says you should remain calm and try not to engage in any rude hand gestures or shouting.