In a memo sent out April 14, Austin Interim Chief of Police Brian Manley has suspended a police officer for 15 days after an alleged road rage incident.

According to the memo obtained by KVUE Monday, the Round Rock Police Department contacted the Austin Police Department on Oct. 31, 2016 to report a road rage incident involving Austin Police Officer Christopher Williams and another driver. Williams later admitted that he followed the other vehicle to a private residence in Round Rock before the other driver went inside his home and came back out with a shotgun.

The two got into a brief verbal confrontation before Williams drove to his own residence.

A short time later, the driver of the other vehicle called RRPD and then drove to the gated entry to Williams' neighborhood. During a second verbal confrontation, Williams allegedly identified himself as an officer and told the driver he was criminally trespassing.

Williams then called RRPD and continued the verbal exchange. Round Rock police went to Williams' residence and spoke with both of the men before giving each of them criminal trespass warnings.

According to the memo, Williams will be suspended April 16 through April 30.