School is out at Manor Elementary and, for a few students, it's time to hit the soccer field. At the helm is Coach Angela Johnson. The mother of four and Austin police officer keeps these kids on track and on the field when she's not protecting the community.

Johnson says the time she spends with them is rewarding. It's something she believes she may not have been able to do just a few years ago.

"About three and half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer," Johnson said.

Johnson was at work when she got the call about her condition. It was shocking and something she says she couldn't explain.

Stage 3 breast cancer took a toll on Johnson, but she refused to give up. She continued on patrol and other duties as an officer while going through chemotherapy.

"I'll never be the same Angela three years ago, but I enjoy learning how to enjoy being the new Angela," Johnson said.

Johnson is now a beacon of hope. During a ceremony at APD headquarters Tuesday, Johnson shared her story of survival.

There's always a chance the cancer could come back, but Johnson doesn't focus on that. After her double mastectomy she's in remission.

"No one should go through this alone," Johnson said. "If you need a shoulder just to rest your head on, we are there."

Johnson credits early detection for helping her fight the disease. She encourages everyone to stay on top of their regular checkups.

The American Cancer Society says the breast cancer mortality rate in the U.S. dropped 38 percent between 1989 and 2014.