The owner of DKO Enterprises, was beyond confused when he saw the charges on his company fuel credit card totaling $12,136.37.

On July 12, the owner reported to police that an ex-employee, John Tijerina, had allegedly used the company card for unauthorized purchases for approximately 20 months.

The company uses Wright Express (WEX) fuel credit cards that have Personal Identification Numbers given to drivers. Tijerina was a delivery truck driver for DKO Enterprises and in early May had a high bill around $3,000, the owner said. The affidavit states a review of the bill revealed several unleaded fuel and non-fuel purchases. Police said on Tijerina's day off, May 10, his card and PIN number were used at The Corner Store in Pflugerville. The owner of the company was notified and terminated Tijerina from the business the next day.

Tijerina would allegedly use the WEX card and PIN to purchase fuel while off duty. Police report that since 2015, Tijerina purchased $8,325.35 when he wasn't working, and $3,811.02 for unleaded fuel and non-fuel items while on the clock. His total expenses equal a loss of $12,136.37 for DKO Enterprises. Police obtained video footage from May 10, from the last time Tijerina made an unauthorized purchase, and saw him drive to the gas station in a personal vehicle and not the company truck. Police said he walked into the store after meeting two separate individuals at the gas pumps, and a receipt shows two purchases for $45 and $60.

The affidavit states that when the owner spoke to Tijerina about the unauthorized purchase, Tijerina allegedly claimed that his adult son takes his card out of his wallet without his knowledge. When shown the photo of himself at The Corner Store, Tijerina said he used the company card to fill his personal cars with fuel, police said.

Tijerina faces a felony charge of theft. According to online records he is not in Travis County Jail, as of Oct. 18.