Austin police have accused a man of entering his former girlfriend's residence without her permission, attacking her during an argument and raping her back in July.

According to police, the alleged victim closed the door to her residence after taking her cat out. She then heard loud knocking on the door, which she recognized as coming from her former boyfriend, 41-year-old Robert Richards. At this moment she realized that she had forgotten to lock the door.

She said she hid her cell phone in the drawer -- because she said Richards has broken her phone in the past -- and moved to lock the door. Before she could, she said Richards entered her home and began asking her if she had sex with someone else.

The affidavit said "the suspect had told the victim in the past if he ever slept with anyone else the relationship would be over." She told him she had slept with someone else in hopes that he would leave. Instead he began striking her in the face with such force that she fell backward onto her couch. As she defended herself, she suffered a broken bone in her hand.

Richards then allegedly carried the alleged victim to her room and threw her on the bed where he started banging his forehead against hers. At this point, she said he was threatening to kill her and her kids. She said he told her that "he should take her to the end of the road and stone her."

She said he then forcibly took her clothes off as she said, "You need to stop, don't do this, don't do this." She said he then raped her and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower.

Richards is not in custody as of Thursday morning. He faces charges of sexual assault and burglary with an intent to commit sexual assault.