The Austin Police Department will face another lawsuit connected to a November 2015 arrest incident caught on video.

The arrest happened at Sixth Street and Red River after Fun Fun Fun Fest on Nov. 6, 2015. The latest lawsuit comes a year and a half after two people seen in the video filed a lawsuit was filed in February 2016.

In the video, Austin police officers are seen forcibly arresting Jeremy King and Matthew Wallace. People with the group -- as well as those being arrested -- can be heard yelling, cursing and asking officers why they're being arrested.

"What did I do?" Wallace asked multiple times.

"You crossed against a light," answered one of the officers.

Another officer can be heard addressing someone off camera. "Was that you jumping on the barricade over there? I asked you to stop and y'all didn't," he said.

Officers also arrested Lourdes Glen after she is seen in the video yelling questions at them. Officers can be heard commanding her multiple times to back away from them.

Lourdes and King sued APD three months later, alleging the officers acted in a racist manner, detaining only minorities, while others in the group who are white, were left alone. Glen is Latino while King and Wallace are African-American.

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"My fear was that my life was in danger, honestly," King said of the incident. "And hearing my friend scream, I also felt the same thing. I feared for his life."

King, whose jaywalking charges were dropped the following day, says he suffered whiplash from being brought to the ground.

The proceedings in that lawsuit are ongoing. Of the lawsuit, city representatives released the following statement:

"The City is aware of the lawsuit and is prepared to defend the Police Department."

Now Wallace is suing APD as well, accusing officers of using excessive force and lying about what happened. Wallace could not join King and Glen in their lawsuit because of his pending charges of resisting arrest -- which have been dropped.

He will make a statement about the case at 9 a.m. Thursday at City Hall.

This story will be updated.