Police said it obtained 100 blood search warrants during its Spring Break/SXSW No Refusal initiative.

The initiative ran 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. March 3-20, and resulted in a total of 200 DWI arrests. Seventy-one of those arrested consented to providing a breath sample while 30 consented to providing a blood sample.

APD added that 27 of the 202 arrests had a breath sample over .15 and five had a child passenger. An additional 27 had prior convictions, with nine of those arrests resulting in a felony charge due to two or more prior convictions.

The number of DWI arrests during the No Refusal period is lower than what was seen in 2016. A City of Austin release from March 2016 states a total of 336 DWI arrests during the Spring Break and SXSW, with 222 of those coming during the No Refusal hours.