Austin Pets Alive! is seeking fosters for two litters of puppies who arrived at the shelter on Thanksgiving.

20 puppies, all under 10 days old, were brought to the shelter on Thanksgiving day.

APA volunteer Mallie Morgan said she was sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner when she got a call about a litter of eight Chihuahua mix puppies needing a home. She took them in and after having the Chihuahua mixes for less than a day, another mutt mix of 12 showed up needing care.

"These guys, their Mom was shot at," Morgan said. "I'm not sure of the circumstances."

Both litters will have to be fed from bottles for the next several weeks.

"They feed every two to three hours, you have to potty train them and they're completely reliant on you," Morgan said. "To have 20 puppies at once is pretty significant for us, it's a huge load and a lot of work."

Morgan said it's work she can't do alone which is why she's hoping to find foster families to help her with the puppies.

APA! is looking for fosters who can take care of some of the puppies. They plan to divide the puppies and send them to separate foster homes.

To apply to be a foster, complete this form.

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