Over the coming months, the amount of water used by Austin Water customers will be monitored to help determine wastewater charges for the 2017-18 service year.

The wastewater averaging period cover three consecutive billing periods, starting in mid-November and ending in mid-March. The measurements taken during this period help the city determine wastewater charges for many customers in the coming year. If there is outside watering during this period, the average will be configured into the wastewater average. This can be prevented by turning off the irrigation systems.

Austin Water recommends a few ways to lower wastewater costs. Residents can take shorter showers by setting an alarm to prevent overuse, sign up for the free Dropcountr app that reports your homes water use, only use washing machines and dishwashers when full and by only purchasing appliances that have the WaterSense® label specifically for water conservation.

For more tips and information on Austin's wastewater averaging period, please visit Austin Water's website for more information.