On Friday, Austin Amazon employees hosted their first ever bring-your-grandparents-to-work day.

The grandparents were greeted by Amazon's top executive in Austin and state leaders. They got to check out the company's new offices at the Domain and learned about their grandkids' roles within the company.

We spoke to one grandfather whose grandson is a computer systems engineer for Amazon's website. He told us how much he's been looking forward to grandparents day.

"I keep telling our kids, as grandparents, I'm ready to come to work with them and understand the details of what they do," Randy Wright said. "I'm an electrical engineer, computer nerd type person, so it's always fun for me to dig into what's happening today."

Since coming to Austin two years ago, Amazon has grown from 100 to 900 employees working within the city. We asked Austin employees about the possibility of the company moving its second headquarters to Austin, but we're told that decision is above their pay grade.