Austin Police are on the lookout for thieves they believe are responsible for a rash of vehicle burglaries in Pioneer Crossing West in northeast Austin.

Security cameras caught the alleged thief and his partner checking door handles for opportunities.

A homeowner in the Pioneer Crossing West neighborhood shared a video with KVUE in hopes it will help police track them down.

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Another homeowner who asked to remain anonymous discovered her car was broken into late Wednesday morning as she got in to run an errand.

"The glove box was open, the middle console was out and everything was out all over the place. Loose change was the only thing they seemed to have taken. It was out and empty. They missed a penny," she said. "I was mostly concerned with the fact that my house key and mail key were in the car. So once I realized those were still there, I was relieved but still at the same time I feel so invaded."

It's a similar story across the northeast Austin development. Police are looking into at least three incidents.

One on Wayward Sun Drive, the second on Timber Heights Drive, and the third on Nestlewood Drive.

Several other neighbors say it's happened to them as well, they just haven't filed a police report.

No one KVUE spoke with said anything substantial was stolen, but the opportunity was there.

Click here for some tips from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles on how to prevent becoming a victim of vehicle burglary.