Since the election, there have been several disturbing scenes in classrooms and cafeterias across the country with children being targeted.

In Pennsylvania at the York County School of Technology, two students carried a Trump banner and yelled,'White power.'

In California, the opposite happened. Cell phone video showed a student and Trump supporter being attacked outside a Woodside high school.

Such incidents frightened 14-year-old Luz Tapia-Ojeda, an 8th grader at Fulmore Middle School in South Austin.

"We're taking a step back instead of progressing forward. I don't know, I'm scared," Tapia Ojeda said.

Her mother is also worried.

"We have many friends who are illegal immigrants, we have Muslim friends and I'm afraid, especially for the girls, how are they going to be treated," said Leticia Tapia-Ojeda.

Austin Independent School officials said they're not the only ones.

"We have children and parents and teachers who are very anxious and afraid about some of the political conversations," said Paul Saldana, Vice President of the AISD Board of Trustees.

That's why Superintendent Dr. Paul Cruz and other district administrators addressed parents and students at Crockett High School Saturday morning. They talked about the importance of talking to students.

"Because many times, where we may think that kids will be able to articulate what they're feeling, sometimes they don't. As adults, we respect others when they ask us that we do. It makes me stop and take a step back when someone asks me that. It's like, ok, I guess I need to stop and think about that myself, but I thank that someone else did that for me. It is important to do that also if you're five-years-old, if you're 11-years-old, or 17," said Dr. Cruz.

The district's new Director of the Social and Emotional Learning Department is hoping to achieve that.

Because with 83,000 students in the district, school officials said preparing children for college and adult life means more than just teaching math and reading.

AISD officials said there have not been any reports of incidents at any of the campuses.