EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this article stated Humphries was 39 years old. Austin ISD police updated his age to 28.

Austin ISD police identified a suspect and issued a warrant for the man who pulled over an Austin ISD bus on Tuesday. The man turned himself in Friday night.

AISD police identified the suspect as John Mikel Humphries, 28, and a warrant has been issued on a charge of impersonating a public servant. The district said Wednesday that a man pulled over a bus with one student on board. He was driving a black Chevrolet Tahoe, similar to an unmarked law enforcement vehicle, and flashed his headlights to signal the bus to pull over. The man asked the bus driver about the bus route, but the driver completed her route and dropped the student off before talking to him.

The man pulled the bus over again after the student was dropped off. He boarded the bus, again asking about the bus route. The bus driver said that the man was wearing a gun on his side. When she asked him if he worked for Austin ISD police, the man told her he worked for the DEA, then later said he worked for the CIA. When the driver asked to see his credentials, the man left the bus.

AISD police said Thursday that it received numerous phone calls from citizens that helped to identify Humphries as the suspect.

The bus driver said that the man was wearing black, military-style pants and a plain orange shirt, but he otherwise matched the description of the man in another incident in which a person was seen taking pictures of students by Murchison Middle School.

Austin ISD representatives said that no students were harmed and the man has not been reported at any other schools.

Austin ISD police are investigating the incidents. Police did not say Thursday if Humphries is the same man who was taking pictures.

Anyone with any information or who witnesses suspicious behavior is asked to contact Austin ISD police at 512-414-1703.