The AISD Board of Trustees, held a special meeting, Monday, to appoint a new Trustee to District 6 and to further finalize elements of the 989,319,000 Bond proposal.

The District 6 seat was vacated mid-term by Paul Saldaña. Monday, the board unanimously voted to approve Seton Healthcare Family Executive, Geronimo Rodriguez, Jr. to the seat.

And one of Trustee Rodriguez, Jr.'s first board discussions was the ongoing work on the potentially billion dollar bond proposal.

Before the meeting Monday, AISD published a draft of their current proposal.

It was broken into two parts - a recommended 989 million dollar section and another section with 407 million of other projects that would not be included

The full list of proposed items can be read here.

The proposed bond included upgrades or new development on 14 different schools, a rebuilding of the shuttered Brown Elementary School and additions to many other schools including Bowie High School.

Some of the previously discussed elements that were not included are a move and expansion of LASA High School, potential new schools and the renovations of other schools.

Part of what's making the finalized process hard to realize is the hope of keeping the bond under one billion dollars.

AISD has said that if they are able to keep the bond under that limit, the tax rate for citizens of Austin will not go up. Beyond that, the property tax rate would increase depending on how much over it goes.