Residents living in Williamson County are asking drivers to slow down and pay attention after a woman was hit and killed at a busy intersection.

Troopers say Andrea Wehrmeister died after being hit at the intersection of O’Connor and Great Oaks Drive on October 28.

And a day earlier, a Round Rock teenager was hit nearby at the intersection of Malaga Hills Drive and O’Connor Drive.

O'Connor Drive, which turns into Avery Ranch Boulevard, has become a very busy street in Williamson County over the years.

And residents tell us many drivers just speed through intersections.

"It's really a wake-up call,” said Valerie Zavaleta. “When something like a tragedy happens to someone … It really causes people to stop and think and be safer.”

Zavaleta knew Wehrmeister because they used to work out together, and she wants those who drive on O’Connor Drive to listen up.

"I just want drivers to be aware,” she said. “I want them to put their cell phones down and be more aware of the pedestrians that are at the crosswalks that are walking on the side of the road."

She and other residents say they frequently see people speeding and would like to see flashing lights, speed bumps or rumble strips.

“Just anything to help bring more awareness,” said Deborah Robison, another resident who worked out with Wehrmeister. “To get people to follow the speed limit, make complete stops, be aware of the crosswalks."

Even so, another resident said she has seen drivers ignore crosswalks, and when they do stop:

"I've seen people stop for someone crossing and they're almost rear ended. They almost have to practically pull into the sidewalk."

They have contacted their county commissioner, precinct one's Terry Cook, about the issue.

Police this holiday weekend were not able to tell KVUE before Monday whether any charges will come from that deadly crash case.