The Austin Humane Society is asking the public for donations to help care for 14 dogs who were brought in after their owner died earlier this week.

The AHS said that almost all of the dogs, which they have affectionately dubbed the "Pekingese Pack," are well into their elderly years and eight of them are in desperate need of costly medical care. They said their problems range from potential heart and back trouble to severe eye and dental issues.

“While all were scared and confused by the sudden and unexpected move, as they settled into our emergency shelter we quickly found each one sweeter and more loving than the next,” the AHS wrote on their website.

They mentioned two dogs specifically who are in need of help:

- Kevin, 10, has scarring in both of his eyes and has difficulty seeing. He also has a severe dental disease that the shelter said needs immediate attention before it causes even more health problems.

- Thelma, also 10, has already lost one eye and is almost blind in the other. They said she needs expensive dental care and she's being monitored for an intense cough that could be a symptom of an even more severe health issue.

In all, the society said the care for the eight animals in most need will cost a minimum of $4,000.

AHS is asking for donations to help the Pekingese Pack, which can be submitted here.