Firefighters in Bastrop County Sunday night are working to put out all that is left of a large wildlife near Highway 71, just east of Royal Pines Drive.

Coincidentally, Saturday night's fire was in the same area as the 2011 fire that destroyed 1,600 homes. As of 8:18 p.m. Sunday, fire crews have the wildfire 95 percent contained to a 25-acre area.

Neighbors near the fire are grateful this latest blaze didn't damage property, but some said they have lived through too many fires in Bastrop County.

"You want to cry," resident Terri Williams said. "It's not like it was. Not at all."

Charred wood, embers, and the highway are what remains of Williams' view.

"It used to be woods," Williams said. "You couldn't see 71. You couldn't hear the traffic."

She has lived in the Royal Pines area for 18 years. Her home was destroyed in the 2011 fires.

"Straight line fire. Nothing but fire -- nothing but flames," said Williams.

She said after surviving multiple fires, it is time for her to leave.

"I have no clue where I'll end up," said Williams. "But it's not gonna be right around here."

Bastrop County officials remind the public a burn ban is still in effect for the county.