Police have charged a man after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend and fled the scene with their 11-month-old child.

After police were dispatched to a residence on Oct. 20, they discovered a silhouette of a woman being pushed up against the window in the upstairs bedroom.

Police said the woman began to bang on the window and scream for help as the police began to kick down the door.

As the door swung open, police saw a man -- now identified as Jonithan Monreal -- flee the scene through the back door with a child in his arms.

Police said the victim immediately began screaming “He took my baby!”

The officers tried to chase the suspect but were not able to get ahold of him or the child at the time.

Monreal, who is the father of the child, began to send the victim several texts asking her to tell the police to leave. “Please call them off,” Monreal allegedly texted.

This led police to believe Monreal was still at the complex with the 11-month-old child hiding from the police.

The victim was able to get ahold of Monreal’s father who agreed to reach out to Monreal in an attempt to convince him to return to the scene with the child.

Shortly after, Monreal returned to the scene with the unharmed child and was detained.

Monreal has been charged with assault with injury and endangering a child. His bond is set at $80,000. The victim has also filed an emergency protection order against Monreal.