After authorities rescued a nearly 2-week-old baby from a man who allegedly kidnapped it and led police on a high-speed chase in east Austin Saturday morning, police have released the name of the suspect and more details about what led up to the incident.

In an affidavit for Anthony Price, 48, police said they received a phone call from someone saying that they heard a woman crying and saying that a man drove off with her baby. As an officer was responding to the residence, he noticed a black sedan before he was stopped by a woman who was pointing at the vehicle and screaming, "He's got, my baby. He's got my baby with a knife." The officer discovered that the baby was only 12-days-old.

The officer found the vehicle as it was entering Ed Bluestein Drive. The driver continued going northbound and did a U-turn as the officer activated the lights. The suspect led the officer on Martin Luyther King Jr. Boulevard before turning into Airport Boulevard and Manor Road. The driver led the officer onto MLK Boulevard again. Authorities deployed spike strips, which caused him to drive on the car's rims.

Price allegedly evaded police for about 35 minutes. APD said, "We did not want to pit the vehicle in fear of harming the child."

At one point, while police were aiming to create a perimeter around Price's vehicle in a parking lot, he allegedly struck an officer's car in order to continue evading authorities. Police said they were forced to pin Price's vehicle.

Authorities said while Price was stuck in the vehicle, he refused to answer commands. Authorities forced entry into his car to pry the child from his grasp. Price was arrested shortly after.

According to the affidavit, Price's mother said she believed Price was high on crack cocaine when he took the child. Police could not confirm that exact suspicion but did acknowledge smelling alcohol on his breath.

Price is charged with driving while intoxicated with a child passenger, endangering a child, evading in a motor vehicle and resisting arrest, search or transportation. His bond is set at $51,000.