An Austin firefighter has been suspended from his position for 30 days after he allegedly posted inappropriate or offensive material on his social media account.

In a disciplinary memo released to KVUE Tuesday, Fire Chief Rhoda Kerr said Elliot Rodriguez had "brought discredit to and created a negative perception of AFD," and would, therefore, be suspended for a period of 30 days.

Kerr said although Rodriguez posted the material before he was hired, he still kept it on his page after the fact. He was also seen wearing an AFD issued t-shirt on his page, a violation of the department's code of conduct and social media policy.

AFD did not disclose in the memo the specifics of Rodriguez's offensive social media behavior.

Kerr said since Rodriguez was hired in March 2017, she considered terminating his employment. However, Rodriguez agreed to the 30-day suspension with the knowledge that he could be terminated if he violates policy again.

Rodriguez's suspension began Aug. 9 and will continue through Sept. 7.