Adelbert’s Brewery reports that a box truck has gone missing from their North Austin facility on 2314 Rutland Drive.

General Manager Sarah Haney said the truck, which contained 14 barrels of spent grain in it, went missing early Thursday morning.

“The main thing it impacts is the ability to get rid of our spent grain,” she said. “We would load the truck up with spent grain barrels and a local farmer would take the truck to his farm for unloading.”

Haney mentioned that it also impacts their ability to transport finished product between bays in their warehouse, but a neighbor has agreed to lend their forklift for short runs in exchange for beer. Lastly, Haney said the missing truck affects their recent partnership with Armadillo Canning.

“We'd just finished an agreement with them last week that they would use the truck when borrowing our canning line but now that's not an option anymore,” she said.

Concerned this may impact their ability to deliver your favorite Adelbert’s brew? Don't you worry.

“Fortunately, we no longer self-distribute and our distributors drive their own trucks to pick up shipments,” she added.

The missing truck is an International 4300 box truck -- license plate number DXW 8015 -- with Adelbert’s Brewery printed on the sides. If you see it around town, the brewery asks that you contact them. Adelbert's can be reached at 512-662-1462.