People across the country are heading home from their holiday.

“It was packed. There's 195 on the first flight coming in from Greensboro coming into Atlanta,” said Dolly Pope, who was traveling from North Carolina. “And then it wasn't quite that many, there were a few empty seats coming in the rest of the way.”

Experts reported Dec. 26 through 28 are some of the most expensive days to fly, not to mention some of the busiest as well.

Those with ABIA said they expected to see an influx of people during the three-day span.

Travelers said, for the most part, it was smooth sailing on Tuesday.

“A little wait going through security, and then I got to Dallas, and it was fine, absolutely fine,” said Juanita Steele, who was traveling from Arizona. “I was about eight doors away from my other flight, and people were kind and no one was rushing.”

ABIA officials also suggested people get dropped off and picked up to help ease the amount of people parking and save money.