A 5-year-old girl from Kyle is in need of a bone marrow transplant and her family believes someone out there could save her life.

Annabelle Haros' nose is still peeling from the sunburn she got at the beach. She and her family just returned from the trip her mother, Becca Haros, thought Annabelle might not get to take.

"It's very scary," Becca said. "It's heartbreaking, but it helps you humble yourself and appreciate every little thing that you have in life".

Dec. 1, 2016, Annabelle was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She spent days, weeks in the hospital getting treatment.

"I had my birthday in the hospital because I couldn't walk and stuff," Annabelle said.

She explains very matter-of-factly why her hair is short.

"Because I had a cancer," she said.

Annabelle is in remission for now, but she needs a bone marrow transplant. No one in her family is a strong enough match.

Timing is crucial. Annabelle's body is once again making the type of cells Leukemia attaches to.

"She needs to be in remission to get the transplant," Becca explained. "If she were to relapse, it's going to be a lot, lot tougher for her to get that transplant".

Samuel Hillhouse is a bone marrow donor and Gencure. It's a company that helps people find bone marrow donor matches and works with BeTheMatch.org.

"I wish that they weren't in this situation," Hillhouse said. "Having to rely on a stranger to help your daughter is unimaginable".

Hillhouse says most bone marrow transplants are similar to plasma donations and about 25 percent are more painful.

"It is a huge deal to the recipient," Hillhouse said. "You are giving him a second chance of life, but the actual donation is not what many people expect. It is really such an easy gift to give somebody."

Becca is asking for help to save her daughter's life.

"We're trying to get the word out there for anybody to register not just for Annie (Annabelle), but there [are] so many kids out there that need transplants, so many people out there that need transplants."

Once Annabelle finds a bone marrow donor, she wants to go to Disney and Wal-mart.

Learn more about Annabelle here. Help Annabelle and register as a donor here.