The 2018 Spring Festival is almost here! The City of Austin's Center for Events (ACE) is encouraging event organizers and venues to start working on their Spring Festival special event permit application as soon as possible. The dates are Mar. 9 to 18.

Applications can be filled out and submitted online under the Event Planning section.

According to a press release, these are the deadlines based on the type of permit being requested:

- Amplified Sound Permit – Multiple Days (96 hour) – 30 days before event

- Amplified Sound Permit – Single Day (24-hour) – 21 days before event

- Temporary Change of Use Permit – 21 days before event

- Temporary Use Permit – 10 days before event

ACE wants to remind applicants that submission of a special event application does not guarantee event approval. Due to the high number of applications received for temporary events during Spring Festival season, limited City resources may prevent later submissions from being reviewed or approved.

According to the press release, Temporary Event Sound permits will be needed if the event, that is not on city parkland, has outdoor amplified sound. This permit will also be needed if the location is a parking lot or patio.