Two Austinites who owned and operated travel clubs in Denver -- along with their son and brother -- have been ordered by a Denver court to pay over $7 million to Colorado for defrauding consumers, according to a press release from the state.

According to the release, Andrew and Bethany Wunder, their son Christian Wunder and their brother Stephen Wunder owned and operated the Broomfield-based travel clubs, "Sea to Ski Vacations and Traditions Travel Group." The court has ruled that the family promised members of their travel club deep discounts at exotic hotels and timeshares around the world.

"In reality, the Wunders did nothing more than search online travel websites to book their clients' travel," the release said. "Consumers ultimately paid the Wunders thousands of dollars for a service they could have gotten online for free."

The Wunders' sales pitch included mailing postcards claiming that the recipient had won free airline tickets and other prizes, often using airline logos to suggest the airlines knew about these offers.

The Colorado attorney general believes the Wunders are continuing to charge consumers' credit cards using a web of LLCs and aliases to mask their business activities. The attorney general said the Wunders have registered and operated businesses in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. The Colorado attorney general believes that Andrew and Bethany left Colorado for Austin while Christian left for Chandler, Arizona and Stephen lives in Midway, Utah.

If you have any information about any of these individuals or any of the companies they may be operating, you should file a complaint with the Colorado attorney general online here or by calling 1-800-222-4444.