Police have accused two men of filming up women's skirts at two different H-E-B stores, according to affidavits obtained by KVUE Tuesday.

On June 18, police were called to the H-E-B located at 7112 Ed Bluestein Boulevard, where they met with a woman who said she was at the store with her husband when she noticed a man behind her in the aisle. She said "she did not give him any thought," but when she leaned down to look at an item, she felt something or someone touch or grab her between her legs. When she turned around she saw a man later identified as Rafael Romero Lopez with a phone in his hands.

When she confronted Lopez, he ran away until H-E-B staff members detained him.

When police later met with Lopez, he denied the incident. When his phone was analyzed by police on Aug. 8, they found 21 images and 5 videos from the iPhone's trash bin that police said were clearly upward facing images of the woman.

In a different case that happened on April 13, police said that a woman was shopping at the H-E-B located at 7010 West Highway 71 when she noticed a man later identified as Charles Voelter Jr. was directly behind her with a cell phone. She confronted Voelter and took his phone, which she said had an active red button, indicating it was in record mode. When a store manager approached them, the woman showed her pictures she had found on the suspect's phone which were allegedly taken up her skirt.

The store manager corroborated the disturbance between Voelter and the alleged victim.

Both Lopez and Voelter have been charged with invasive visual recording, a state jail felony.