A television news station could be an intimidating place for a 10-year-old.

Unless that 10-year-old is Truman Hamade.

"I think being a kid reporter, to be the one writing the news is gonna be really exciting," he said.

Out of 400 international applicants considered, the Cedar Park native was chosen as a Scholastic News Kid Reporter. He's the only one from Texas.

It wasn't difficult to see why after spending just a few minutes with him.

"I'm thinking about doing stories on Mexican Freetail Bats and how we can help them in our community," he said.

He already has several story ideas in the works.

"I am working on boys doing ballet," he continued. "I think I'm gonna go to Ballet Austin and maybe interview some people there."

In his new role, Truman is one of 44 Kid Reporters who will report what the company calls "News for kids, by kids."

Truman's first story for Scholastic was about the relief efforts organized at the Georgetown Municipal Airport following Hurricane Harvey.

"I wanted to be the person reporting that news, the person meeting the people making that news who are making that change or doing something," he explained.

Truman's recent gig is the latest in a long list of accomplishments.

He has been a page for Sen. Kirk Watson at the Texas State Capitol.

He runs his own business, a lemonade stand. He also draws some pretty cool cartoons.

Truman had this advice for his peers looking for their first job in news: "Sometimes you can try, you can believe you can do it," he said. "But sometimes you fail. But I think that's only something you can learn from and improve on."

Some wise words from a journalist for the next generation.