As temperatures rise in Austin, more children are eager to jump in the pool.

It's a fun way for kids to cool off, but it could turn deadly if families aren't careful.

Already this year, 38 children have drowned statewide.

One of those deaths happened in Williamson County earlier this spring, and sadly cases with victims like that 4-year-old boy aren't rare.

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under the age of five in Texas.

Doctors at Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin say the philosophy around pool safety has changed in recent years.

Adults used to be told just watching swimming children from the patio was enough.

Now, doctors promote what's called "touch supervision," suggesting an adult who knows how to swim is in the water and within arm's length of children at all times.

"This idea you and I have through movies and such of splashing and making a noise and of it being rather dramatic doesn't apply to kids. So kids could be one moment at the end of the pool, fall into the pool and then slide under, take a breath under water and then never have that episode of splashing or drawing attention to themselves," explained Dr. Eric Higginbotham, Medical Director and Division Chief for Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

This week marks the ninth anniversary of the tragic drowning of 4-year-old Colin Holst in a public, life-guarded pool in South Austin.

Colin's Hope, the organization formed in his honor, has some water safety tips to keep in mind. Click here for more information.