FORT WORTH -- Five months after a Joshua family lost their son and brother, they are meeting the people he's given a new chance at life.

Aaron Singleton was a popular Sophomore at Joshua High School, where he was active in football, baseball, band, track and choir. In November, he was on the field at a JV football game when he took a hit and then suffered from a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital, but they couldn't save him.

"There's nothing they could do for my baby. It's just so hard to hear," recalled Cassondra Singleton, Aaron's mother.

Singleton knew right away that Aaron would want to donate his organs, and this week she and her family were able to meet three people who received them.

"Whatever I do, wherever I go, the rest of my life, Aaron's taking me," said Mike Norton, who received Aaron's heart.

He lives in Baytown and suffered from a genetic heart condition. His new heart has given him renewed energy and hopefully decades to live.

Brenda Florez of New Mexico received Aaron's liver and kidney. She brought her family to meet Aaron's mom and brothers.

"I knew in the very beginning that I wanted to meet this family, because this family has sacrificed a lot to give a lot of people a second chance," Florez said.

The Singleton family embraced the recipients and even had a chance to listen to Aaron's heart through a stethoscope.

"We got to hear his heart beat. It's so amazing. So cool," said Cassondra Singleton. "Because I felt like he was right there with me, just like I was holding my baby."

Wednesday at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Fort Worth, the Singletons and Aaron's recipients stood together, joined by his high school football team and his choir. They raised a flag to honor him and asked others to be donors too.

"He lives on through the recipients," said Singleton.