At a time when they should be worried about a new semester, some Texas State University students said their new apartment puts their health at risk.

A rat spotted on the first day didn’t get attention until at least day 14.

“The first one we saw was here, in our pantry. We've seen two here," said Trevor Hurt.

Hurt and his roommates moved into “The Village on Telluride” on Sept. 18.

“It's frustrating and it's concerning for sure,” said Hurt.

This week, the complex patched up outside holes. That was two weeks after the first complaint was filed.

KVUE News tried asking the front office what's going on.

The manager said a marketing team would contact us.

When they did, we told them we specifically wanted to know why it took two weeks before someone patched up holes outside the apartment. The issued statement said the following:

"We take great pride in our property and we quickly address every maintenance request. The wellbeing and comfort of residents is always our top priority."

Meanwhile, rat droppings lay scattered under Hurt's sink.

It’s a reminder of the continuous effort to stop the problem.

Hurt said he had other issues with the space, including animal feces in his bedroom carpet.

It was cleaned.

Pest control told Hurt the dryer isn’t connected. So, while the holes outside were plugged, rodents can still enter through the dryer vent.

“At the end of the day, I just want this fixed,” said Hurt.

The City of San Marcos said no complaint has been filed otherwise it would have responded. KVUE told Hurt he can file with the city