Fired Austin Police Officer Geoffrey Freeman, who shot and killed a naked unarmed teen in February, contends he was protecting himself from 17-year-old David Joseph and that he thought the use of lethal force was appropriate under the circumstances.

Freeman made his statements during a more than four-hour deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the Feb. 8 shooting in North Austin.

The KVUE Defenders and Austin American-Statesman recently obtained a copy of a transcript and video recording of the interview by Joseph family attorneys.

"I could have transferred to another weapon, sure," Freeman testified. "But I don't think that would have been the best thing in the situation. The situation was what it was, what happened is what happened. I could have -- but yes, absolutely, I could have attempted to do something else. Always."

Freeman shot Joseph after responding to 911 calls in North Austin about a naked man in the street. He was fired from the department in March.