Most days, Jerry Jones spends his time reading magazines on his backyard swing.

“Just enjoy my day,” said Jones describing his relaxed life off Lamar and St. Johns Avenue.

His home was passed down from his father and will one day be passed down to his son.

It’s a place where the only hassle he gets is from investors wanting to buy up his spot of Austin.

“They’d bulldoze the house,” he said.

He says he leaves his gate open most days, not afraid of anyone passing by.  He doesn’t see any threats in his neighborhood.

When we told him of an arrest next door, he was surprised. 

“I never have any problems with that apartment complex,” he said.

Steven Thomas Boehle lived in the Midtown Flats Complex. 

Boehle is accused of having sovereign citizen extremism ideology.  Federal agents got a tip that Boehle was planning a mass shooting.

History shows us what sovereign citizen extremism can do.

Terry Nichols, the co-plotter of the Oklahoma City Bombing, was a sovereign citizen.

Joe Stack, who flew his small plane into an IRS building in Austin was a sovereign citizen.

The FBI says six officers have died in 2010, calling sovereign citizens "A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement."

We don’t know who the FBI think would be targeted, where it would happen, or when.

Agents executed a state search warrant based on a drug investigation conducted by the Austin Police Department and others.  They seized guns as well as 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Boehle isn’t allowed to buy a firearm.He was convicted of assault in 1993, preventing him from getting a firearm legally.He managed to buy one gun in December 2012 because of a delay in background checks.Three months later, he was asked to bring the gun back and he did.He tried to get guns two more times, reported he had not been convicted of assault and was denied.The guns found in the apartment did not come from Texas. Court records do not indicate how Boehle got the weapons. The FBI won’t comment on an open investigation.Boehle is charged with False Statement in Connection with Attempted Acquisition of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person.“What's it like (to live in the neighborhood)? It's alright. Me and jumper are fine. He's got a huge yard to play in,” Jones said about his dog.Boehle will have a preliminary hearing in federal court on Thursday.  He is held without bond until then.