In today's Exercise Minute, Crossfit Central's personal trainer, Carey Kepler, will teach us three workouts for a circuit that will be sure to make you break a sweat. All you will need for this exercise circuit is yourself and a bar or weight for the first exercise.

Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls

The first exercise will be a sumo deadlift high pulls. Start off by standing up straight with your feet placed shoulder-length apart. Next, grab a pole, bar or weight and hold it with both hands as you go down into a deadlift position like you are picking something up. Then, come back up with into full hip extension and pull your arms up just below your chin. Do this exercise for 20 reps before proceeding to the next exercise.


Shoulder Tap

The second exercise will be a shoulder tap. Start off in the plank position with your feet together and your arms fully extended. Next, hold this plank position and then begin doing shoulder taps. To do this, just use one arm at a time to tap the opposite shoulder. For example, right hand to your left shoulder, then back to the ground and then put your left hand on your right shoulder. Make sure you keep your back flat and your core tight. Do this exercise for 20 reps.



The last exercise in this circuit will be the superman. To do this exercise, lay flat on your stomach and extend your arms and legs out. Then, bring your arms and legs up at the same time so that you are in a "Superman" pose and then bring them back down. You will do this for 20 reps. Once you complete these three exercises, repeat this circuit for a total of five times.


Have an awesome workout!