In today's Exercise Minute, Crossfit trainer, Carey Kepler, will teach us how to do a spider lunge, a dip and an Aquaman exercise. All you will need for these exercises is yourself and a chair.

Spider Lunge with Rotation

The first exercise will be spider lunges with rotation. Start off by standing up and bend over as if you're going to touch your toes. Once your hands are on the floor, begin to use them to crawl forward while your feet stay in place. Next, bring your right foot forward to your right hand by going into a lunge position. Then, extend your left arm straight up as you rotate and then rotate to the opposite side and bring your right arm up. Next, walk your hands back to your toes and stand back up. Repeat these steps for the other leg.



The second exercise will be dips. Start off by grabbing a chair and sitting at the very edge of it with your hands placed right next to your hips. Next, bring your body in front of the chair and dip down using your arms and then push yourself back up. Make sure when you dip down that your elbows reach a right angle. Do 10 dips total.



The last exercise in this circuit is called the Aquaman. For this exercise, you will need to lay flat on your stomach with your legs and arms extended out. Next, lift one arm up and your opposite leg up at the same time. Then, switch to your other arm and opposite leg. You will do ten Aquamans on each side for a total of 20 reps. Repeat this circuit for a total of five times in order to get a great workout in for the weekend.


Have a great workout!